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  1. 007testbild007

    Lest auch die Kommentare unter dem Artikel. Dann habt Ihr ein vollständiges Bild. Es gibt keinen Kommentar, der nicht kritisch mit dem verlinkten Artikel umgeht.

    "Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

    How are people supposed to remember their history if we keep changing the names of things? Especially the Germans.

    Rather than trying to hide Arndt and his racial ideas the university should keep the name and require students to know the full story.

    When they know the name, the man, the work and the result then they are less likely to be wooed by the same swinish thoughts of racial superiority because they have been schooled on where that path leads.

    That is education in action.

    Now, how do we get American universities to teach where progressivism, socialism, communism and jihad lead?"

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